Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation – UK mother jailed for FGM

Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation
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Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation – cutting illegal.  Feb 2019: Mother of 3 year old first person convicted of FGM in UK.  The 37-year-old mother from east London wept in the dock as she was convicted after a trial at the Old Bailey. 8 March: The Ugandan woman was jailed for 11 years.  Judge said act was “a barbaric and sickening crime”.

It has been described as violent abuse against women.  Survivors of FGM are unaware that there is help out there for them. Efforts are being made to educate girls in schools. This starts from an early age so that they can learn the dangers to their health

A charity based in South East London called for a nationwide protest against Female Genital Mutilation. La Fraternite, in Peckham, hosted a forum where women mainly of African origin talked their experiences.  Also the need to have the ‘cutting’ practice eradicated in the UK.

Many of the women who attended had experience of FGM.  They are shy about it and reluctant to discuss their problem with anyone.  No-one can blame them.  It is not an easy subject to talk about

The charity and other experts keep urging the women not to be afraid.  Also to discuss the problems. By talking about it, they said, would help prevent or even stop the practice.


Met Police have set up units in a number of areas in London.  The units staffed with trained officers.  Police would rather help than prosecute.

The Female Genital Mutilation practice is illegal in the UK. Offenders can be prosecuted. Very little legal action has been taken, though.  Hardly any cases have ended up in court.

Cutting parties are popular in various areas of England.  African midwives have been invited over to perform the mutilation on more than one girl.

NHS stats show that in the UK 60,000 girls are at risk annually (2013 – 24,000).  In London  15,000 at risk annually (2013 – 6,500) Numbers are rising.

Charities have set up safe places for women. This is where they can talk and discuss problems.  They are locations where women can go without fear.

For more contact La Fraternite at:


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