/MI6 is Recruiting – terrorism has gone digital
MI6 is recruiting

MI6 is Recruiting – terrorism has gone digital

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MI6 is recruiting to boost its spy network online. The ISIS style of terrorism has ‘posed a persistent threat’ it said.  It has led to a break down. Security services in UK recognise they need to take on agents or spies that have high tech skills as well as languages.

The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service is to increase its staff by nearly one thousand by the end of the decade. MI6 said they are needed to help fight global terrorism and exploit the potential of the digital age.

The spy agency argues the planned boost has been made necessary by the development of the internet and technology. It currently has 2,500 staff.  MI6 says it will use the extra personnel to ensure the security of people and operations.

A larger foreign intelligence service is necessary, it says, to deal with the glut of digital information used by MI6 to identify agents and threats. The analysts will be expected to identify footprints left by users of the internet, mobile phones and laptops.

Security Services

MI6 is working more closely with MI5 and GCHQ to make better use of technology and protect the nation against digital threats. The spy service chief, Alex Younger, said that the digital world “represents a threat because of our opponents.  It is time to completely change the way we do stuff”.

MI6 admits the use of social media has exposed a deadly enemy. It says the time has come for MI6 to boost its digital network of operatives. If you have the skills take a look at what’s on offer

Meanwhile, Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has said he doesn’t understand why it is necessary for MI6 to recruit any more staff.  He made the remarks in the House of Commons as he dismissed the need to increase defence budget.


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