Amy Purdy Flirts With Robot – Paralympic Opening Ceremony 2016 – stunning show

Amy Purdy flirts with robot Para Opening Ceremony
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Amy Purdy Flirts With Robot during the Paralympic Opening Ceremony.  It was a brilliant five-minute dance routine by the American snowboarder which was created especially for her because of her talent not only as an athlete but also as a dancer.

Amy became a double lower leg amputee after contracting bacterial meningitis at the age of 19.  But it didn’t stop her from doing her favourite sport.  She returned to the slopes on her prosthetics and won a bronze medal at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games.

Her talent doesn’t stop there.  Amy is also a model, actress and motivational speaker. She shot to fame in the USA on the TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  Her talent as a dancer emerged as she performed for the judges. They found her outstanding during her sequences.

No wonder Amy wowed the Maracana stadium crowd when she danced her choreographed sexy routine with the robotic machine.  She had been rehearsing for some time before the big night.

The dance sequence was known as ‘Technology and Art’ but it seemed more like a seductive routine. The robot clearly had his eye on her and the dancer became flirtatious. People worldwide were watching and were thrilled by her dance. It sent the twitter machine into full pelt. Followers were ecstatic with what they saw.

Not a match

At the end of the performance it was clear who was going to lose out. The seduction scene had reached high-pressure point and the Robot had run out of steam.  He had to give up the fight.  He was not going to win her over despite his smooth charm

The match was going to be awkward.  The mix would not have worked.  He had to stand and watch her walk away.



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