EU Citizens In London – they are welcome to remain

EU Citizens in London
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EU citizens in London. An uneasy time but indications are that an okay is forthcoming allowing the citizens to stay

Following the Brexit vote EU citizens in London given the okay to stay in the Capital. In other parts of the country some felt they were being asked to go.

But the new Mayor Sadiq Khan let it be known that all of those in London were welcome to stay. The Mayor had a positive note when talking of the EU citizens already in the Capital. spoke to a group of Spanish citizens for their views on the issue.

What are your thoughts on this?  Should the citizens stay or should go? But negotiations have yet to be sorted so who knows what will happen.  Political analysts believe sticky moments will be encountered. But reckon a good decision will be made.

Reports say a number of EU citizens are leaving. However, it is worth staying on and wait for the outcome of the Brexit discussions. A shortage would not be good for the workforce



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