Mob Handed Movie Talks Sex Abuse Vigilante Anger – Jun 13

Mob Handed movie - thriller violence
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Mob Handed Movie is an independent film that exposes the underlying anger the public feels about paedophiles & sex offenders. This results in violence and vigilante attacks.

After extensive research into the suffering of sex abuse victims Director and writer Liam Galvin discovered how let down victims felt with the Justice System. There were also many on the internet who wanted tougher penalties or supported Vigilante attacks.

The story tells of  Yvette Rowland who plays a television reporter and mother who believes in the law. But she is let down by the authorities after her daughter’s murder so connects with a vigilante gang to track down the killer. She is joined by Robin Reid, former World Champion boxer.  He, as ‘The Executioner’ and leader of a mob of vigilantes, helps the journalist to take out revenge.

The film is Produced by Gangster Video and is a co-production with support from a private investor.

Director, Liam Galvin and lead actress, Yvette Rowland, talked their film with

Hits British cinemas June 13.

This is a touchy subject.  Have you seen the movie?  What do you think?  Let us know we would love to hear from you.  We invite you to drop by our comment box and leave your views.  We are here 24/4 so you are welcome any time.  This subject of the film is topical.  But vigilante action is not encouraged.  In fact it can be an offence.  Take care.  Connect with us to stay in touch with the current movies.



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