/EU Britain IN or OUT – street reaction – the vote
EU Britain IN or OUT

EU Britain IN or OUT – street reaction – the vote

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EU Britain IN or OUT – a big question and many ready to cast their vote in the referendum

Brexit:  31 January 2020

In 2016, groups across the nation have got together to win support for either staying in or coming out of the EU. Many of them are politicians, activists or members of the public.

The Prime Minster declared June 23 as day for the referendum vote. David Cameron made clear he wants to stay in the Union. He won support from EU members who said they want Britain to remain as a partner.

David Cameron surfed the EU States to win a compromise deal that will give the UK more autonomy and persuade the majority to stay in the European Union.

Despite a number of debates on to leave or stay many are left more confused and finding it difficult to decide.

Before the date was announced ynuk.tv got street reaction to the question is it a YES or NO to the EU?

It was a fascinating experience.  People knew exactly what they wanted. It was a good mix of stay or go.



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