Jeremy Corbyn Revolutionises PMQs – submits questions from public

Jeremy Corbyn revolutionised PMQs
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Jeremy Corbyn enters parliament with a revolutionary mission – his performance on the front bench watched not only by his members but also the public.

The new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, made his Prime Minister Question time debut and won attention of the whole chamber. In a radical move Jeremy Corbin asked questions from Marie, Stephen, Paul, Claire, Gail and Angela and directed them to the Prime Minister. Corbyn sent out an email to voters telling them he wanted their voices heard in Parliament.  The Labour leader got 40,000 replies.

From the massive response he got Jeremy Corbyn told the House he chose six of them.  They covered housing, mental health and the Government’s welfare reforms.  Corbyn’s mission was to revolutionise parliamentary questions.  Abandon the ‘theatrical’ and ‘out of touch’ style of questioning pursued by his predecessors. These elements seemed to have an impact in the Chamber

The Chamber was crammed with MPs who wanted to see how the new Labour Leader would perform in his new role. They were impressed and remained calm when they were told that his voters were fed up with seeing the theatrics during PMQs when in fact it was a serious time in parliament. got street reaction to this dramatic political change

What do you think of Corbyn’s new question time style?  Do you agree with the change?  Let us know.  Leave your views in the comment box below



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