Special Person – Ece environmentalist and playwright – International Women’s Day

Special person Ece Ozdemirolu
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Head of a leading environmental economic consultancy in the UK Ece Ozdemirolu had a lifelong ambition to write and become involved in Theatre. Could the two mix?

Well it seems they can.’s special person Ece has written a new play (Croydon) that is making headlines in the theatrical world of new plays. The storyline: the little lies bilingual people tell when translating between their two languages.  Lies that are initially told to keep the peace begin to create bigger, more harmful lies.

The play attracted interest in London and in turkey. She has also been invited to do a deal to have the play made into a film

Ece has come a long way from the time we spoke to her about her dual activity. After her first play Cul de Sac, she was invited to the London Voices, new writers group run by the BBC Writers Room.  The short radio play she wrote while at the group, Frosties (about a woman going through IVF) became second in the FLYD (FLOAT) international radio drama competition.  She is working on a longer version of this play.

She is ambitious and has a great story to tell.  Special Person Ece, of Turkish origin, talks to about her ‘double’ life and her play Cul de Sac.  Excerpts from that play are courtesy of the documentary  makers:

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