Labour Party Leader Candidates – Corbyn Wins

Labour Party New Leader candidates
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Labour Party the candidates – the battle over for the big job.

The winner Robyn Corbyn got through on a landslide vote in the first round.  It made him leader without a challenge.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair warned that the Labour Party risked ‘annihilation’ if Jeremy Corbyn won the contest.

This comes after a YouGov poll in the Times, August 11.  It revealed Robyn Corbyn will have a landslide victory in the leadership vote.  It also showed the extreme left candidate soared to 53% in the lead putting him 32% ahead of his nearest rival Andy Burnham.

Voting for the contest started Friday (August 14) and the result declared 12 September.

The popularity of Jeremy Corbyn was outstanding.  Corbynmania spread across the country. Corbyn supported by Trades Unions. Plus a surge of others joining the Party wanting to vote in electing the next leader.

Four candidates competed to become Labour’s new leader. This after Jeremy Corbyn a left-winger of the party, secured enough nominations to get on the ballot.  He reached the 35 MP threshold just two minutes before the noon deadline June 15. Corbyn helped by colleagues wanting to widen the range of candidates.

Corbyn joined Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall in the contest. The election was sparked by Ed Miliband’s resignation in the wake of the party’s electoral defeat in May. spoke to Labour supporters about who should or should not be chosen among the candidates

Are you happy with Corbyn’s leadership?  Let us know your thoughts.  Is he a good leader?  Leave your views or remarks in our comment box below.



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