First Plastic Fiver for Britain – England’s £5 goes plastic

First Plastic fiver
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The Bank of England has unveiled plastic banknotes to go into general circulation from 13 September 2016.

Plastic money will start with a new £5 note which will be smaller in size and feature Winston Churchill. Later, in 2017 £10 notes and by 2020, £20 notes.

Scotland the first to produce plastic fivers.

A new plastic £5 note launched by the Clydesdale Bank.  It’s a smaller edition and designed to be more durable and resistant to fraud. It is the first in Britain to be made from plastic as the paper banknotes are being phased out.

Clydesdale is one of three Scotland banks authorised to issue two million of the polymer £5 note.

The new Clydesdale plastic note features an image of the Forth Bridge and issued to commemorate the bridge’s 125th anniversary.

A portrait of Sir William Arrol also added onto the note – his company constructed the bridge among many other landmarks in Scotland.

Catch how young engineers and scientists tested the first plastic fiver.

video courtesy the BIG Partnership



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