Britain’s Most Generous Town – chosen by community

generous hot spot of giving
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The most generous town was chosen by its community.

 An online charity site has named Bedford the most generous town in the UK.  JustGiving gave the residents of the Bedfordshire county town the top title for their outstanding charitable contributions in the year to May 2014.

More than 41 thousand people donated over a £1million to charitable causes through the JustGiving site.

Hot spots

JustGiving says that Online giving is transforming the way people donate, helping causes to reach more people, raise more money and inspire more giving.  They say their data has been a real insight into how the nation donates. with some towns and cities emerging as giving hot spots

The data only reflects donations through JustGiving the UK’s largest charity fundraising website, and not through other methods.

Cambridge came second, High Wycombe came last

About Bedford

Due to intense immigration during the 20th and 21st century, which resulted in a very diverse population, Bedford has developed a cosmopolitan culture, as its ethnic components include many people of Italian, Asian and Eastern European origin.

Bedford prides itself in its history as well as being a key tourist attraction with its golf courses, restaurants and shopping.

It was a great visit.  Lovely town.  Never expected to win such an award. Generosity part of the style of living in Bedford.  Giving for some difficult.


So how did the locals feel about their new status?  Watch and take a listen to the responses.  Does the town look generous to you?  Do you agree with the prize being handed to them?  The public we met were great.  Don’t miss the video visited Bedford and found that the residents were proud of their title but some were surprised.

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