World Cup 2014 and UK Pubs – fans prepare

World Cup 2014 and Pubs
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World Cup 2014 and England fans gearing up for the exciting matches in Brazil.

One of the most important things is that pubs across the country be open for them to watch as well as have a pint or two or three. The Cup begins Thursday June 12 and finishes July 13.  During that time England, in group D, will play its first match against Italy at Arena Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil June 14.

World Cup 2014

Its starts at 1800 local time.  Kick-off 11pm in the UK.  But thank goodness, the government  approved an extension of licensing hours for fans.  This for those who can’t make Brazil but want to stay up and watch this crucial match.

Licensing laws have been relaxed up to 1am for England’s night matches.  But venues wanting to screen other late night games could require a temporary events notice from the council.

It is all good news for England fans looking to celebrate the team’s victories or, as many pundits may say is more likely, drown their sorrows over defeat during the tournament in Brazil.

We checked-out a couple of pubs and clubs in Birmingham and Clapham South London to talk opening hours. They are ready and promise a great night – win or lose.

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