Angela Lansbury Returns to Poplar – massive welcome – women’s day

Angela Lansbury in Poplar
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A special weekend. Fans filled the area to see their favourite Hollywood star.

The fans in Poplar immersed themselves in a weekend festival of Angela Lansbury movies.  It was  organised by Spotlight, the towns’ new art centre in association with Poplar HARCA.

Catching up

On Sunday 6 April 2014, Dame Angela returned to the place where she grew up.  It was to spend the day meeting and chatting with the locals and catching up on old times.  At the time she was 88.

Her first stop was the open air cinema in Chrisp Street Market. Here she introduced a free family screening of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  She even got to sit on the original bed again!

There was a chat about what she has been doing.  Dame Angela was happy to answer questions

Grand Father

The star later joined an audience at Spotlight.  This was where she was ‘grilled’ by Sir Christopher Frayling former Chairman of the Arts Council.  He wanted to know all about her career.  But it was her grandfather George Lansbury who took centre stage during Angela Lansbury’s visit. Mr Lansbury was Labour MP for Bow and Bromley from 1932-1935.  The Lansbury Estate in Poplar is named after him and a memorial was unveiled in nearby Rocky Park.

The whole occasion was excellent.  Fans were ecstatic to have a chance to meet Dame Angela.  He friendly approach captured their hearts.  She had some great stories to tell.  Relatives were also there in the audience. They were enthralled to be able to take part in her welcome back to Poplar.

Dame Angela’s started with her first days in Hollywood.  It was a cutthroat business and lucky to land a role.  But she did it.  She recognised her talent was varied and could fit into any character part. The Hollywood star was sad that she hadn’t returned more often to see her family in Poplar. But proud of her grandfather.  His history in the town is just as well known as Angela Lansbury’s on the big screen.

The town loved both their stars. was at Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Spotlight to catch reaction from fans.


2 Responses to “Angela Lansbury Returns to Poplar – massive welcome – women’s day”

  1. joy edwards April 8, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    ynuktv you have made me happy with your footage of a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent in Poplar listening to Dame Angela Lansbury talking about her career.My mum isn’t well enough to travel with me so it was great to show her a brief glimpse of me in the crowd at Chrisp Street Market.Lucky twice now I was on camera at the opening night of Blithe Spirit.Thanks ynuktv.

    • YNUKTV editorial April 8, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

      That’s amazing so glad we captured you on camera as well!

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