Who Is Brixton? Soup Kitchen Photo Promotion – photographer

Who Is Brixton? Jasmin Hudson
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Brixton is a buzz place in London and a popular location for young people.

But Who is Brixton? Soup Kitchen Photo Promotion by aspiring young photographer Jasmin Hudson caught up with those who have been in the suburb for some time.

Surprise Surprise:

Solomon who features in this video made a superb appearance on ITV’s Surprise Surprise on Wednesday November 12.  His very proud mother was the person who arranged it all! He sauntered on stage and was immediately ‘surrounded’ by a power of generosity

He was given recognition for the splendid work he does with the soup Kitchen he set up in Brixton for the poor and homeless – in fact for anyone who is in need of a meal.

The photographer

Hours of clicking and walking the streets helped young photographer Jasmin Hudson put together the Exhibition.  She encountered characters of all ages, many homeless and people just giving a helping hand in the South London suburb.


Jasmin found them irresistible and her camera caught them in action. So in partnership with Solomon Smith from the Soup Kitchen the photo show was launched at the Ritzy – and money raised from print sales will go toward buying a van to take the Kitchen on the road.

Both are inspiring people. met Jasmin and Solomon at the Ritzy.





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