Neighbourhood Initiative Protects Church Lead – catching thieves

Lead stolen from All Saints Church Narborough
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Church Lead

An award winning Police Volunteer group from Braby, Leicestershire, has come up with an initiative to protect its local Church and others from the theft of valuable lead and other metals.

About £20,000

The 12th century All Saints Church in Narborough had lead ripped from its roof up to seven times by thieves.  The amount taken was valued at about £20,000.  Up until now no one has been arrested for the theft.

Stolen lead and valuable metals from Churches has been a problem for some years across the UK.  It has been difficult for local neighbourhoods to tackle or find ways to prevent the theft

Infra-red cameras

The chief of the Volunteer Team has compiled a report called ‘Protecting Church Lead’ described as a key document that gives clear guidance on how best to protect your church.  It ranges from hidden and infra-red cameras to prickly plants.

Church of England

In December 2012, a gang of Lithuanians were sent to jail for more than 30 years after stealing lead from 20 of Britain’s churches.  They left the Church of England with £1 million pound repair bill.

Church Lead

Raids have fallen 90% since their arrests, with just 19 churches suffering lead theft in 2012.  Narborough’s All Saints Church is one of them.



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