Soldier Lee Rigby – Hacked to Death

Soldier Lee Rigby
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Soldier Lee Rigby Hacked to death

The young Fusilier was 25 when rammed by a car, dragged to the middle of the road and hacked to death on the street. A horrific attack carried out in broad daylight in the centre of the town.  A shock across the nation

Michael Adebolajo was found guilty of killing Lee Rigby and given whole life sentence and Michael Adebowale got 45 years in prison.  They had pleaded not guilty saying they were soldiers of Allah. Judges said the sentences were “just” punishment for the “horrific and barbaric” murder, adding the pair had glorified “in what they had done”.


Soldier Lee Rigby, from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was murdered near the Woolwich Barracks where he was stationed.  Thousands of well-wishers were stunned and shocked by the killing and left tributes at the spot where he was killed. There were tears and anger but overall revenge not on their minds.

A quiet suburb in London threatened with terrorism.  Unbelievable because things like this don’t happen. But it did. Was it madness? spoke to some of people who lined up to offer tributes.



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