Roma Nation Day – protest against apartheid and their people

Roma Nation Day
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Roma Nation Day.  A special day and important to show that Roma people are keen to become part of the community in the UK.

Up to 100 Roma people demonstrated at Kensington Gardens in London to mark the annual Nation Day, April 8, for the Roma community across Europe and the Globe. A “joined-up” day of action against racism, discrimination, deportations and evictions.


There has been criticism of the Roma being in central London and living on the streets with some camping in the Gardens. Some have accused them of being a nuisance.

The protestors said this is not true and that they were being treated unfairly. They demanded they should be allowed to mix with other communities as well as having the right to housing. They believe they’re being singled out by other nations who are refusing to include them in their communities.

Authorities want to have them removed from the centre of the capital.  Roma population has grown in the UK and want to be here.

Regents Park

Demonstration was peaceful while protestors were determined to get their message across as they marched from Kensington Gardens to Pall Mall, Regents Park. They stopped to speak of their ‘unfair’ treatment by authorities and called for recognition. All they wanted was to bring out into the open their difficulties and problems they have experienced in recent days and months. Did anyone listen?  Not sure.  Told to move on

Being in the Park was a location where the demonstrators were able to publicly declare their concerns.  An opportunity to express their views about how treated. there and spoke to members


2 Responses to “Roma Nation Day – protest against apartheid and their people”

  1. Elez April 8, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Te aven bahtale thaj bahtalo o Rromano bidzuko


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