Paralysed Dog Walks Again – video – watch him in action!

Paralysed dog walks
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In 2012 a paralysed dog called Jasper made headlines around the world.  He had regained his walking ability after treatment with cells from his nose.  This was all because of research and a study by Cambridge scientists.

Cambridge University

The Dachshund along with 33 other canines took part in trials carried out by the Veterinary Department of Cambridge University. They used nose cells to help develop movement in the legs. They were uncertain it would work but soon after the trials there were signs of great improvement.

Spinal injuries

Paralysed dog, Jasper, lost the use of his back legs in an accident about five years ago.  Now he’s regained his ability to walk again and it’s hoped the research will have similar results on people with spinal injuries.

Research made headlines across the globe spreading hope that the results would prove useful in other similar projects. Jasper won the hearts of millions when they heard of his spinal injuries.

The experiment has had amazing success and Jasper is now back walking with his owners May and Peter Hay.  He even keeps up with fellow kennel mates Hector and Dolly.

Professor Robin Franklin explains the developments of the University’s work and the stages needed to make sure the cells would mix with rest of dog’s cells. They were delighted when they saw him walk.

The audio interview is courtesy BBC Radio 4 Today programme