Quit Smoking In October🚭 – campaign was effective

Smoking electric cigarette
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Public Health England has launched another Stop Smoking campaign for October 2015.

It says it has had great success since they began in 2012. Watch the video they launched then!


Give up!  The National Health Service is calling on people across the country to stop for 28 days from 1 October.  It is a mass attempt to convince people they should quit.  The number of those who develop serious illnesses or die from the habit is on the increase.


The NHS is confident that the campaign will help thousands to give up. It costs the NHS £2.7bn to treat people with smoking illnesses.


Despite the shocking figures it is difficult for many to stop taking a puff on a cigarette.  It is a habit hard to break.  But health officials believe that with this Quit Smoking campaign it will convince many across the nation to give up the habit.  But not everyone is that easy to convince they enjoy their cigarette and the habit is often done when have a drink, food and the after sex smoke.

There are restriction in accessing cigarettes.  People have to be 18 and over and the packs have to be hidden behind a counter.  The authorities believe they are effective measures and hope to see a significant drop in the figures after this campaign