Olympics In The Park – packed with visitors

The Park at London 2012
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Tens of thousands streamed through the gates to catch a glimpse or soak up the Olympic atmosphere in the Park.

The choice of eating places was outstanding.  Elaborate umbrellas covered well laid tables to protect the diners from the heat of the day.

Along with the food was a selection of bars and soft-drink counters to quench the thirst.  The sun in the blue sky was soaring down radiating loads of sunshine.

A global mood spread across the venues inside and fans couldn’t wait for the thrill of a gold, silver or bronze.  As they walked through the inspiring Olympic Park shouts of success or failures could be heard ringing over the heads of the crowds.

The armed forces joined the security teams as they monitored the events of the day in particular with the public attending the Games.  While they were alert to the priority given to their job they also managed to mix with the people who enjoyed the friendliness of the soldiers and police officers.

Its all great fun as spectators soak up the sporting atmosphere and tell YNUKtv what its like to be there.