Tottenham – Love Can Outdo Hate

Tottenham - love can outdo hate
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On August 4, 2011, in Tottenham, Michael Duggan was shot dead when the taxi he was travelling in was intercepted by police. What followed not expected.


It sparked riots, fires and looting in the area and other locations in the capital and England. It shocked the capital but there were many who said it was behaviour destined to happen.

There was barely a place untouched.  Damage to high street buildings and residents homes was extensive

The government pledged better policing on the streets of London and that destruction like this would not happen again.


It took some time for the area to calm down.  Communities worked to bring calm to the suburb and to find ways to regenerate the location.

Three days after the riots in Tottenham, YNUKtv found police had closed off the High Road for investigations while the community struggled with the shock of the devastation.

An unexpected clash. Locals stunned and shocked.  Strange feeling walking down the street.  Wherever people walked they could see rubble and damage.  Fire and rioters the cause.  Would it ever be the same again?  Time will tell and could make a difference