Police Protest London – first of its kind

Police Strike to save jobs
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The Police Federation of England and Wales has failed to get enough votes to push through a parliamentary lobby for the right to strike.  The result follows an online ballot for the 130,000 Federation members.

It is illegal for police officers to strike but a Police protest in London last May drew tens of thousands of officers from all over the country as they marched through London.  They had taken a day off duty to take part in the demonstration.  The turnout was massive with a determination to get their message across that had a right to strike.  They believed that their future was in jeopardy as there was talk of job losses.

The protest was in defiance against Government reforms and budget cuts. Police strength has fallen from 143,000 to 136,000 and further cuts are planned.  But the Government said it was important to make the cuts to help resolve the country’s poor economic status following the economic melt-down.  It was interesting to see the streets of London filled with police officers but on this occasion they were not wearing their uniforms or carrying out official duties – they were dressed in civvies for the rally. joined the marchers and got some reaction from some of those protesting