London Prepares Water Polo For Olympics – exciting splash!

Olympics water polo preps
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Olympics London 2012.  The country is excited and so are the athletes who take part.  They are not only from the UK but across the globe

In preparation for the Olympics officials tested the Water Polo arena as the Games draw near. Its getting close to the opening of London 2012 and key events are happening in the Olympic Park.  This is to checkout venues where sporting challenges will be held.  While they were confident everything was in order they wanted to make sure sporting venues were in perfect condition.

Water Polo

During the weekend of May 6 the Water Polo Arena hosted the Visa Water Polo International where teams were preparing for the Games. Key elements of the testing was for officials to inspect spectator access and that security was in proper working order for a smooth operation without hold ups or faults.

Word got round quickly that real sporting events were taking place so spectators headed for the event and poured into the Park and the various venues where they could view the trials  It was a magnificent sporting occasion creating a great atmosphere of the Games spirit.

Water Polo is one of the most skilful water sports to play.  It takes a lot of training and dedication to reach Olympic level


The visitors were also able to see the work carried out surrounding the area.  Trees and flowers have been planted to give a fresh summery atmosphere especially for when the games are under way.  Public buzz could be heard throughout the Park. Everyone enjoyed the location and soaked up the thrill that seemed to spread across the venues caught the water polo preps and their testing procedures.