Qatar Heats Up World Cup – celebrations – fresh sabotage allegations

Qatar to host World Cup
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Qatar is surrounded with controversy over hosting the World Cup and it is worsening.

Sunday 29 July 2018 Sunday Times has fresh allegations of Qatar’s bid breaking FIFA’s rules. Paper has leaked documents revealing a secret “black operations” to sabotage rivals.

Newspapers has followed this story for some time. Its journalists have reported on alleged corruption before.

The Sunday Times newspaper says it has further evidence of corruption. Especially at the time a vote was taken for the Arab nation to hold the 2022 World Cup.  The newspaper has also alleged that Qatar’s former Fifa Vice President Mohamed bin Hammam paid £3m to football officials around the world.  This to help win support for Qatar in the run up to December 2010.

Now Bin Hammam is facing claims that he used his top level contacts in the Qatari royal family and government to arrange deals and favours. Hammam wanted to secure the tournament for his country.

Qatar’s World Cup organising committee has issued a statement denying – once again – that Bin Hammam had not played any “official or unofficial” role in the bid. Bin Hammam has declined to comment on the claims.

There’s also further pressure on FIFA.  One of its main sponsors, Sony, has called on the governing body to carry out an “appropriate investigation”.  Sony urged the action into claims because of wrongdoing during the bidding process.

When they heard the World Cup 2022 was in their hands the streets were jammed with excited revellers in the capital Doha.  YNUKtv watched the party unfold along the extravagant seafront.




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