Human Rights of Disabled Ignored – petition handed in

disabled human rights ignored
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Welfare Cuts.  Funds that give disabled people the human right to live an independent life are to be cut.

Next year, the government plans to introduce a Universal Credit which could affect up to half a million disabled people and their families.  This was unwelcome news and left many disable people desperate about their future.  But they were not prepared to accept the Governments proposals.  Protestors got together to let officials know they were making a mistake

About a year ago a large number of disabled campaigners have been protesting for some time since they heard about the upcoming changes.  A plan of action was put into place including a protest letter that was delivered it to the Minister for the Disabled People calling for the decision to be overturned.  They received a cool reception when the crowd showed up at the Ministry but an official came to accepted the letter the demonstrators had for the Minister

The government has been reluctant to make any changes to their planned proposals for Welfare cuts. They said it is essential to make the alterations because of the economic situation in the country. was with the protestors as they arrived at the Ministry to hand in their petition

Do you support their protest?




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