London Salutes Wikileaks Soldier – jailed then pardoned

Wikileaks Soldier Bradley Manning vigil at American Embassy

Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning (Chelsea Manning), gave evidence in his pre-trial on Thursday November 29.

It’s the first time he has spoken publicly since his arrest in 2010. In the courthouse in Fort Meade, Maryland, he described how traumatic it was for him:  “I was in a pretty stressed situation,” Manning said. “I had no idea what was going on with anything. I was getting very little information”.


The Wikileaks Soldier accused of leaking US secrets and turning them over to WikiLeaks. He faces life imprisonment if found guilty.  Supporters in London have not forgotten him.  From the Ecuadorian Embassy Julian Assange called on the US to end its “war on whistleblowers” and demanded the release of Bradley Manning.  Assange described him as a hero.

Protesters were eager to show their support for Manning as his origins are Welsh. They have followed his case and have demanded he be freed from his charges


Since all this has happened and moving forward, Bradley Manning is now known as Chelsea Manning and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. The name change came after the sentencing in July 2013.  Chelsea said she wanted to live the rest of her life as a female.  This video was taken on the day of Bradley Manning’s birthday, in December 2011, when protesters held a vigil outside the American Embassy in London calling for his freedom.