Killing Bono The DVD – The Review – by fans

Killing Bonon DVD
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The Rock n’ roll comedy Killing Bono, which was a hit on the big screen, is now on release as a DVD.  Take a look at what our reviewers had to say about the film.  They are Bono fans and have given their honest views on the movie


It tells the story of two Irish brothers struggling to make it in the 80s music scene. It is made worse when their school pals succeed and become a worldwide famous pop band known as U2.  The two bands clash even though U2 are confident of their careers that they are not worried about being taken over by the young guys

Peckham Plex

The stars of Killing Bono are Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan and Krysten Ritter.  Film fans, Ann and Sarah, from Peckham have seen it and gave YNUKtv their views.  We met at the Peckham Plex cinema a popular centre of film fun and events

Are you Bono fans?  Is the review what you expected?  Did you enjoy the music of the 80s?  It was an era of wild days.  Do they still exist?  Leave us your views.  Drop by our comment box below