News of the World The End – Last edition

News of the World last edition - goodbye.
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News of the World

Avid readers of News of the World have been scooping up their last copies of Britain’s most popular red-top newspaper.  Rupert Murdoch’s son James declared the paper’s closure after phone hacking scandals swept through the paper.

The 168-year-old tabloid is accused of hacking into the mobile phones of crime victims, celebrities and politicians.  the Met Police said it was seeking to contact 4,000 possible targets named in seized documents.

Its editor Colin Myler said it was “the saddest day of my professional career”.  He added that “nothing should diminish everything this great newspaper has achieved”.

Last Edition

The News of the World, which sells about 2.8million copies a week, is famed for its celebrity scoops and sex scandals, earning it the nickname, the News of the Screws.  Downing Street has said it had no role or involvement in the decision to close.  Mr Murdoch said no advertisements would run in this weekend’s paper – instead any advertising space would be donated to charities and good causes, and proceeds from sales would also go to good causes.

The News of the World’s political editor, David Wooding, who joined 18 months ago, said it was a fantastic paper.  “They cleared out all the bad people. They bought in a great new editor, Colin Myler, and his deputy, Victoria Newton, who had not been sullied by any of the things that had gone on in the past.  And there’s nobody there, there’s hardly anybody there who was there in the old regime.”

Its final editorial said: “Quite simply, we lost our way”

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