YNUKtv and Brunel University Judge Best Local News Video


STUDENT MEDIA AWARD - ynuktv-brunel-local-news-award-2013

YNUKtv and Brunel University are pleased to announce the Best Local News award for 2013

Congratulations Alan Selby.  Alan won the 2013 YNUKtv/Brunel University Award for best Local News video.  He has also won a cash prize of £300.

Runners-up: Victoria Oliphant, Claire Payne

Alan Selby – winner

Alan Selby

Alan Selby


Alan’s winning story takes us to Walthamstow where the residents and local MP campaigned to save the EMD cinema from becoming a Church centre.






Latest: The cinema has been saved from Church conversion.  Still more to be done

Victoria Oliphant

first runner-upVictoria Oliphant

The on-going controversy surrounding HS2 led Victoria to a Rifle Club group who will have to move should the project go ahead




Claire Payne

second runner-up

Claire Payne 2nd runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Award

Claire Payne 2nd runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Award


Claire has a different angle on the HS2 and how it will affect the community







John Toner

John Toner - commended 2013

John Toner – commended 2013

Media student Brunel Universal

John went to a football match where he found racism was being practiced among football fans





Amanda Stringfellow

amanda stringfellowMedia student Brunel University

Amanda joined the police at a sale of stolen goods.  It’s amazing to see in her video the items left behind or stolen




Chris Hapworth

Chris HapworthMedia student Brunel University

The idea of job sharing among MPs is an interesting one.  Chris went to find out whether it would work




Adam Smith

Adam Smith brunel media studentMedia student Brunel University

Adam enters the world of Social Enterprise and discovers some interesting facts




Bess Browning

Bess 3rd rundwayMedia Student Brunel University

Her story is about the fall-out to the community over the building of a third runway at Heathrow




Connor Whelan

Connor WhelanMedia student Brunel University

Connor tackled the issue of the Legacy after the Olympic Games.  Officials accused of not fulfilling pledges




Presentation was held 10 December 2013

Cash prize

YourNewsUKtv supports community and local news and along with Brunel University is sponsoring “The Best Local News Video” for the University’s media department.   A student will receive £300  for their high standard of editorial content, creative reporting and presentation of a community news item.

TV news content

Community news has developed as an important part of news coverage cross the UK.  Citizen video journalists are in demand and can play a big part in offering valuable content for TV news.