Paralympic Gold Sailor First GB Athlete for Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Paralympian sailor Helena Lucas MBE

Helena Lucas MBE is first Great Britain athlete selected for the Olympic Games. It was announced on her recent 40th birthday. The champion is determined to compete for the another top medal. But Rio is an expensive journey. A fundraising plan has been put together to get her there! The video explains

First Olympic Marathon Cup For Sale

Historic Olympic marathon cup

A bid of over half million pounds bought the marathon cup which was won in the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896

Security Tightens For Olympic Games

security action on the Thames

Big political row going on after an extra 3,500 troops will be deployed to secure the Olympic Games. The private contractor G4S admits it cannot do the job and the people it has employed are not showing up for work! The Video has public reaction to earlier plans for military to join the policing of the Games

Olympics: In The Park

London 2012 Stadium towers over public

Apart from events, hamburgers and coke – they aren’t the only options inside the Olympics Park. The huge crowds will have no problem getting their ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. The Stadium is magnificent and the public is soaking up the sporting events and atomosphere of the park. Should male volleyball players wear speedos?

Danny Boyle and Olympics Here We Come!

Danny Boyle & showing what it takes

Danny Boyle’s Olympics opening show was a massive success. The film director’s vision transformed a British meadow into the different generations of the UK. Here he is talking about wanting to keep his dance spectacular a secret

Year of Olympic Games

Olympic Games Jonathan Edwards Triple Jump

Year of Olympic Games. London 2012 Games are the country’s hottest topic

East End Taken Over by Olympic Tsunami

East End feels left out

An Olympic Tsunami has hit the East End. That was the view of many in the community when construction work began on the Games Stadium. At the time they were angry pledges made to create jobs in the area were not being fulfilled.

Games Heats Up London

Olympic Clock Trafalgar popular spot

There’s no shortage of enthusiasm for the Olympic Games in the UK despite the rain! In this Video young people express their excitement over having the Games in London and believe its an opportunity to promote the country!

Olympic Torch Crosses Irish Border

Torch - Irish kiss from north to south

A kiss welcomed the Olympic Torch in the Irish Republic when it crossed the border from Northern Ireland. The friendly flame then connected with the government in Dublin in a historic moment. The Video has more!

Torch Flame Lights Up Portrush

Torch - a great football player

Portrush has seen the Olympic flame spark massive excitement among the people of the seaside town. This runner was proud to be chosen to be part of the team that carried the torch through the town centre and along scenic routes