Festival of Museums Scotland

Festival of Museums Scotland

This is an opportunity to get up close with skeletons. Between 15 – 17 May everyone’s invited to visit, touch and learn what can be done with bones. The video tells how some scary items can be used for musical instruments. Kids will love it. Take a look

Mother’s Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This is for Mother’s everywhere. You are a dedicated and loving person. The day is for you so make it a celebration whichever which way you want. Enjoy!

Kate and Wills Parents Again

Baby For Kate and Wills meeting the people

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again. The announcement was made a little ahead of time because Kate had to cancel official engagements due to morning sickness. A similar situation to her first pregnancy. At the time the news was welcome by many in the community

Paisley pupils help with Online Safety

Online safety winning praise

Pupils from a Paisley school have begun an initiative to help other children about how to tackle online safety. Cyber bullying can affect anyone and the children believe all kids should be made aware as well as how to tackle the problem. The video explains

Community Retakes Tottenham

Community Tottenham -preparing to clean-up

In August 2011 Tottenham High Road was badly damaged by riots destroying businesses and homes. But within days it was reopened and back on track. ynuk.tv was there

Notting Hill Carnival Parade A Taster In Sunshine!

Carnival Parade Children's Day

Despite rain this year the Notting Hill Carnival is expected to have more fun than ever. Following 2011 riots in London about five thousand Police were on the streets as the Carnival began with a big SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE from the Kids

Young Ambassadors Youth Leaders

Young Ambassadors - Myriam Roberts

Young Ambassadors is a 6 month role, engaging with kids from 14 years upwards. Launched earlier this year the programme is proving to be a huge success!

Free Schools New Government Initiative

Free Schools church helps out

Church opens its doors to free schools as more open across the UK. St Lukes primary school in North London was one of the first to be given the go ahead. Places have been offered to pupils in an area where there’s a great shortage in the community. YNUKtv visited the church as it was planning for the change

Marathon Leads Sports Festival

Marathon sparks sports festiva

A massive day of sport marks a year, One2Go, to the Olympics and Paralympics

20.12 Birthday Kids Olympic Welcome

20 Dec Birthday Kids

Not far from Olympic stadium a party was going on kids celebrated their 7th birthday day 20 month 12