Entourage Premiere London

Entourage Premiere London

All the stars were given a huge welcome by fans as they walked the blue carpet for the celebration launch of the movie. The cast was thrilled and as they say in the video they had never seen anything like it before!

Michael Jackson Statue at Football Museum

Michael Jackson statue

It is in a great location and the first exhibit you see as you enter the Museum. There were a number of fans eager to have a look but most of them were followers of the King of Pop. In the video you will hear their views

San Andreas World Premiere London

San Andreas World Premiere - The Rock & friends

It was reported Dwayne Johnson broke Guinness World record by taking the most selfies in 3 minutes! Good for him. He found himself not only surrounded by fans but also his glam co-stars including Kylie Minogue! Catch ‘The Rock’ having great time in Leicester Square. The movie opens May 28

George Clooney – Premiere Tomorrowland

George Clooney Tomorrowland

Large crowd of fans crammed into Leicester Square so they could catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Oscar winner. Many were lucky enough to get a selfie, autographs and a chat with the great hollywood star now a part-time Londoner

Spy Trailer

Spy trailer - comedy

Usually stuck behind a desk this little thought of CIA employee, played by Melissa McCarthy, volunteers to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer. The trailer shows her in action as a CIA spy

Far from the Madding Crowd Premiere

Far from the Madding Crowd Premiere - fit of giggles

Fans were thrilled to catch Carey Mulligan as she laughed and joked with them at the big gala night of her latest film. She talked of fun she had shooting a scene in a sheep bath which got a bit disgusting by the end of the day because animals were doing their business in the water

Premiere One Direction This Is Us

Premiere One Direction - Niall, Louis, Liam

Zayn Malik has ended his pop-group journey and is leaving the World’s biggest boyband. He says he wants a more normal life. There have been hysterical scenes as thousands of fans crammed into Leicester Square to catch the guys. Many had camped out for days to be at the premiere!

The Gunman World Premiere London

The Gunman World Premiere

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron looked fantastic together at the great red carpet premiere at the Southbank. Fans screamed for autographs and selfies. The stars were happy to pose for the popular pic.

Fifty Shades of Grey UK Premiere

Fifty Shades of Grey UK Premiere Feb 12

The fans were loud as the cast arrived at Leicester Square for the big premiere night. Jamie Dornan who plays the whip loving Christian Grey in the film arrived with his beautiful wife. Catch the video to see them looking very happy walking the red carpet.

Ant-Man – Teaser Trailer

Ant-Man - action sci-fi

A six foot guy is given the ability to shrink to the size of an ant to help a scientist save the world.Fresh from prison Scott Lang is recruited to do the challenge of a life-time. This teaser shows you Ant-Man can do! In cinemas July 17