Donald Trump Tells Theresa May to Sue the EU – and stop negotiating

Donald Trump Tells Theresa May to Sue the EU
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Donald Trump Tells Theresa May to Sue the EU. She made the revelation on the Andrew Marr show.

Donald Trump told Theresa May she should sue the EU rather than negotiate over Brexit.

The US president said on Friday at a joint news conference he had given Mrs May a suggestion – but she had found it too “brutal”.

Asked by the BBC’s Andrew Marr what he had said, she replied: “He told me I should sue the EU – not go into negotiations.”

This shocked her, Andrew Marr and possibly the rest of the country.  It is not likely that his suggestion will be taken any further.  Nice of him to offer the advice but did Mrs May really need it?

The Trump visit was full of bumps and blips.  Demonstrations filled streets of London as well a baby Trump flying balloon.  He was in England for two days.  It appears he was happy to leave.

Donald Trump was happy to meet the Queen and have tea with Her Majesty.  But while inspecting the Guards, he seemed to block her and couldn’t see her at one stage.

He has a lot to learn himself.



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