Attenborough Polar Ship Launch LIVE – Replay of great ship sail River Mersey

Attenborough Polar Ship Launch LIVE

Attenborough Polar Ship Launch LIVE  – Click at 3’29” for the Replay of the ceremony when Sir David Attenborough hit the go button.  It was at Cammell Laird docks Birkenhead on the Mersey in Liverpool.  A great occasion. Given warm welcome along the river.

RRS Sir David Attenborough to carry 60 scientists on its polar expeditions. Originally, the public had voted to call the vessel Boaty McBoatface but Sir David won. A coffee shop built on the ship.

Cost of the hull estimated at £200m

The 10,000-tonne hull of the UK’s new polar ship launches in the River Mersey around 12:20 BST.

It is named after the TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough.  The vessel assembled at the Cammell Laird yard in Birkenhead and placed on its slipway.

The broadcaster himself to unleash his steel namesake. Sir David pushes the button to send the hull sliding down wooden rails caked in thick grease.

RRS Sir David Attenborough hull will go in stern-first.  It should create a big wave as it bites the water when the Mersey reaches a high tide.

Cammell Laird dredged the riverbed in front of its slipway to make sure the steel mass does not bottom out.

Did you see it?  A magnificent ship.  It looked fantastic as it plunged into the waters.

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