Winner Best Video LondonVoices18 – Atina Dimitrova 🌟 sponsor

Winner Best Video LondonVoices18 - Atina Dimitrova
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Winner Best Video LondonVoices18 – ATINA DIMITROVA for her video about Digital Skills Gap  In London.  Good luck we know you will have a great future in your venture as a journalist

Atina is an outstanding video journalist who studied the skills to help create and produce engrossing news story.  But her talent doesn’t only stop there. She is ambitious and ready to face any challenge.  There is a lot to learn.  Now is the time to do it.

She was Born in Bulgaria and now lives in London.  Atina recently graduated from City of London with a First Class Honours in journalism. She has amazing talent.  Atina’s skills has landed her an outstanding job with the Mailonline.  This is how she spread the news:

Congratulations🎉  Great achievement well deserved after a lot of hard work.  The future is looking good.

This is Atina’s story

In inner London there are nearly 40,000 digital technology businesses.  Many of them show a huge demand for digitally skilled talent. This is according to the Greater London Authority reveal. This is proving problematic since there are not enough young people in London leaving school with A-levels in science, technology, engineering and maths subject  to help address the issue.

In order to tackle that, the Mayor has developed programmes to prepare young Londoners aged 16-24 years old for digitally skilled roles so the subject matter proves to have significant political implications as well. I decided to illustrate that topic visually in order to make the storytelling process even more effective.


Watch the video and you will see how the subject and visuals have come together. It is creative, informative and relates to people with digital ambitions.

There are interviews with experts who explain the purpose and need for such skills. It is difficult to comprehend the shortage although Brexit could affect EU professionals from coming to the Capital to work.


Well, quite amazing.  What do you think?  Should it just be a London competition or national?  Let us know your thoughts.  Make contact with us and leave your notes in our comment box below.  We would love to hear from you. Additional views always useful to have. If you want to make contact with any of the winners let us know.

Learn more about the winners by clicking


It was a great night. Exciting to watch each winner receive their award. The top prize went to Luke Chillingsworth and Thomas Mackie. They won Best Young Journalist and £400.  Second prize of Best Young Journalist went to Torbjoern Joerstad. Best Beginner Taiwo Salami. Best Urban Video Atina Dimitrova. The prize for the Best Written Piece (beginner) went to James Dowden. Another Best Written Piece was won by Isla Russell.  Best Multi-media Journalist Phoebe Gardner.  Prize for Best Young Journalist aged 14 – 18 awarded to Arjan Arenas.  Runner-up for Best Young Journalist 14 – 18 Devon Davis. Star Tang won best Audio Journalist.  Valerio Esposito awarded Best Student Journalist

The winners have been given a boost to their careers. With a prize in their hands it will help impress any future employers. It is an important step in making it as a journalist.  Newsrooms, Editors, Online networks always on the lookout for fresh and new talent. Next step is to meet the community where stories are found or discovered. Locals often left out from having their stories told. It is not easy but who knows what will happen.


Good luck everyone. Your talents are exceptional and deserve to be put into action. Keep knocking on the doors of Editors. Make sure they know you are there. Let them know how good you are. Skills important and so are good stories. Let Editors have the best. Tell them what the community is doing. Your future is in the hands of editors. They want to know how good you are.  How you gather your stories and put them together.  Journalism is real news not fake news.  The demand for news is great.

What are your views on citizen journalism? Should there be more coverage on the main networks? Let us know your thoughts.  We would love to hear from you. Drop by our comment box and leave your views.  Or wish Atina all the best for her future.  We have faith in her and her ambitions.  It won’t be long before we see or hear from Atina again. Do you have any guidance for her?  What would you suggest when starting a new job?  Are there guidelines to follow?  Being on time has got to be essential.

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