Sajid Javid Wants Russia To Explain Novichok Poisoning 👿UK not dumping ground

Sajid Javid Wants Russia To Explain Novichok Poisoning

Sajid Javid Wants Russia To Explain Novichok Poisoning – couple are seriously ill in hospital

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called on Russia to explain the Novichok poisoning. It comes after two people were exposed to it in Wiltshire. Incident happened Saturday June 30.

The couple, believed to be Charlie Rowley, 45, and Dawn Sturgess, 44, fell ill at a house in Amesbury. They remain in a critical condition.

The Kremlin has described the Amesbury poisoning as disturbing.  Russia wished the victims a speedy recovery.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Javid told MPs that the UK would not become a dumping ground for poison.

Novichok found in Amesbury could come from the same batch used in the Salisbury attack

In March former Russian spy Segei Skripal and his daughter were left in a critical condition. They were poisoned in Salisbury.

Amesbury couple are at the Salisbury District Hospital where the Skripals treated.  Staff familiar with the poison.

It is an unusual situation.  It comes four months after the Skripal poisoning. Could the two be connected?  Security services are scouring the area.  Police are searching and medics are helping the couple. Home Secretary will pass on details as soon as he gets them. It will be interesting to learn more about the incident.  Mr Javid is good at keeping his pledges so more information should come soon.  Let’s hope it will put an end to the Novichok affair.  Or clarify who is to blame.


What are your thoughts on this latest incident?  Is it something that Russia should explain?  Is it right that the Government accuses Russia of using Novichok in the UK?  Scrutiny of its elements lead to Moscow.

Public in the area told no concern.  Wash clothes if in the area. Report anything if see or notice anything unusual.  This latest incident may send some shock waves across Salisbury.  But locals are tough. Previous incident was dodgy.  But it didn’t stop normal activity in the city.

Drop by our comment box.  Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts.  You are welcome anytime.  We love to hear from you.  This kind of subject is an important one to discuss or debate

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