MPs Back Heathrow Third Runway – watch as results reveal 415 in favour 119 against

MPs Back Heathrow Third Runway

MPs Back Heathrow Third Runway – the vote 415 yes : 119  no

It was an overwhelming vote in favour of the controversial plan for another runway at London Airport.

But there was one question that dominated the debate : Where was Boris Johnson?  He did not attend, he was on a trip to Afghanistan.  He had said he was against the third runway.  But being away on business left him in a position where he did not have to vote.  So guess where he landed🛬

Justine Greening, the former government minister, raised a point of order. She wondered if the time allotted to the debate this evening was sufficient for such an important matter. The Speaker, Mr Bercow said it is not a matter for him.

There is still more to come and who knows whether there will ever be a landing page for the third runway.

In the meantime, assuming all begins to roll ahead, work is expected to start 2021 and finish about 2024-5.

So, what are your thoughts on this.  Were the MPs right to vote in favour?  What about the people who live in the area.  What will happen to them?

It’s a long road ahead.  Drop by our comment box and leave your views


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