Prime Ministers Question Time – Live Replay – US child detention disturbing

Prime Ministers Question Time - Live Replay

Prime Ministers Question Time – Live Replay. Today’s session opened with tribute to Finsbury Park atrocity and announcement of an annual Windrush day.

Prime Minister condemned the forced separation of migrant children from their parents in the US, but dismissed calls to call off President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK. To watch this go to: 12:23:05

Theresa May also challenged on latest concerning the deal surrounding the departure from the European Union. A row has broken out over how much of a say MPs should get in the Brexit process. The issue returns to the House of Commons later but expected to hit Question Time as well.

There’s bound to be lots of jeering and booing during Question Time period in the House of Commons. Mrs May has a lot on her plate and can she handle it?

It is also an opportunity for Labour Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to tackle the PM over Brexit and other major issues.  NHS was among them.

The financial pledge made by Theresa May may be welcome but where is the money coming from?

Will you take time out to watch shouting match? It is always a good watch and often a great yelling occasion.

Question time is one of the liveliest sessions in the House of Commons.  Speaker usually has a hard time keeping MPs quiet.

Your views of this event are welcome.  Drop by our comment box and let us now.

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