Parliament Question Time REPLAY – 12 noon – clashes over NHS and Brexit

Question Time REPLAY

Parliament Question Time REPLAY – Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn.  Brexit main subject 12 noon

It was tipped to be a lively and exhilarating 30 – 40 minutes of questions.  Brexit subject always a stirrer during PMQs.

The chamber filled with eager MPs.  Don’t miss it.

In the meantime the Brexit Committee questioned government ministers:

Exiting the EU Minister Suella Braverman told the committee that the future framework agreement can and will be detailed so that everyone can make an informed decision.

Labour MP Pat McFadden told the minister that the UK will have voted to send money before a legally-binding agreement reached.

It is such a complex issue.

Are you fed up with the Brexit issue? Do you wish it would go away? Should there be more cooperation between politicians?  Are there too many disagreements?  Would you like to have more say in what’s going on?

It seems to be going on forever.  However one more year to go.  Will it be over then?

You are welcome to leave your views in our comment box below. There is bound to be something that will stimulate your interest.  A comment would be perfect

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