Grenfell Tower Inquiry Opens – first tribute was to stillborn baby

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Opens

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Opens – a father delivered the first tribute to his stillborn baby. The grievances did not end there.

The inquiry began at the Millennium Gloucester hotel in Kensington. It’s three miles from the burned-out skeleton of the 24-storey London council block.

A respectful silence descended on the conference room as the tributes to those who lost their lives in Grenfell began.

The first, father Marcio Gomes grieved for his baby son Logan.  He wept as he recalled the excitement  wife’s pregnancy had brought to the family.  The tears felt across the nation.

The child was stillborn in hospital on 14 June 2017, hours after his parents fled the blaze.

Relatives of all 72 victims will be given the chance to commemorate loved ones during the inquiry.

The inquiry will look into all the deaths – including one victim who died in January, having been in hospital since the blaze.

Five others were remembered on the inquiry’s first day.  It began with a 72-second silence in memory of those who died.

They include artist Khadija Saye and her mother Mary Mendy.  Also Denis Murphy, Joseph Daniels and Mohamed Neda.

Families being given as long as they want to tell the inquiry about their loved ones.  They can do it through a mixture of words, pictures and videos.

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