Eurovision: Jessica Mauboy – Australia – We Got Love – through to Final in Lisbon🎉

Eurovision: Jessica Mauboy - Australia

Eurovision: Jessica Mauboy – Australia. She sang We Got Love – LIVE – Second Semi-Final in Lisbon.

This is a little bit about the contestant from Australia.

Jessica Mauboy is one of Australia’s most successful famous artists. While she is originally from Darwin, her mother has roots in two Indigenous tribes, the Wakaman and the KuKu Yalanji.  They lived around the cape of Far North Queensland. Jessica’s father is from Timor.

She gave a great performance in the second semi-final in Lisbon.  The audience loved her and she had a tremendous team of fans in the crowd.

Her song We Got Love was revealed on 8th March 2018. It tells the story of how music can lift the human spirit: “My hope is that this is a song about unity and a reminder that love, acceptance and the power of inclusivity can overcome all obstacles or hardships that arise. Especially in times like these where the world can be a very confusing and lonely place, it’s important to remember when we feel disarmed of empowerment that we still hold the greatest chance for change with love.”

Jessica is through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.  The odds are high and the votes will pour in.

Did you watch the show?  BBCFour broadcast direct from Lisbon. Didn’t think the competition was that great.  But the best normally make it through. The commentary on BBCFour was not the best.  Could’ve done with some smoother presentation.  Scripts or speaking off the cuff were weak.

Did you like Lisbon’s presentation of the show? It is such a great city.  Fantastic to go and visit.  Their beaches superb. It look as if everyone had a good time.

Eurovision 2018

43 countries taken part in the contest for 2018.   The show is a little bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it

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