Dorset FGM Survivor Says It Shouldn’t Be A Taboo – cut as a child

Dorset FGM Survivor Says It Shouldn't Be A Taboo
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Dorset FGM Survivor Says It Shouldn’t Be A Taboo – she thought she was going on a picnic when it happened

When Salimata was five years old she was subjected to female genital mutilation.

Having grown up in Paris her mother often took her to visit relatives in Senegal, where she was taken to be mutilated under the guise of a picnic.

Now she lives in Bournemouth and wants to speak out to try to stop the harmful practice and destroy the stigma surrounding it.

The practice is illegal in the UK. However, Police say they would prefer education rather than arrest to help end the cutting.

Efforts to end FGM are made throughout the nation. Sometimes it is not that the practice is happening here but back in the country of origin.

It is convincing communities that the FGM tradition is dangerous. Getting that message across can sometimes be difficult.  The older generation have their beliefs and often refuse to take on board the massive health dangers.

Education at schools and communities is part of a programme to discourage FGM. There has been success but not enough to stop cutting.

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BBC video journalist: Samantha Everett. Illustrations by Zoe Slatter

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