Glasgow: From Street Crime to Street Food – best burgers in the country

Glasgow: From Street Crime to Street Food

Glasgow: From Street Crime to Street Food – some of the best burgers in town

Scotland’s latest police figures show a huge drop in homicides and violent crime.

In the last 10 years homicides in Scotland fell by 47%. Violent crime in 2016-17 dropped by 57%.  

The fall is result of the nation’s Violence Reduction Unit.  After 10 years of picking up and cleaning up criminals the VRU hires, train and returns them to the streets ready for work and new life.

This is impressive.  But data in the London, the country’s capital, tell a different story.  The figures reveal violent crime has increased dramatically.

New Met police stats shows that murder rates have surged in London by 44 per cent in 2017.  Also, sharp rise in knife crime, violence and muggings in the Capital.

Take a look at the Street & Arrow project.  The VRU describes it as a special enterprise that does more than good grub.  It also serves up second chances for its employees.

Can London learn from this?  We were with the VRU’s Street and Arrow unit where ex-offenders were ‘cooking’ through their programme.

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