Amber Rudd Regrets Not Recognising Systemic Problem Sooner – Resigns 29 Apr

Windrush Scandal Debate - LIVE from parliament
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Amber Rudd Regrets Not Recognising Systemic Problem Sooner. Rudd told MPs she bitterly regretted it. AMBER RUDD HAS RESIGNED.  The Prime Minister has accepted her resignation.

Ms Rudd came under fire from the Committee over the Windrush Generation controversy.

The Windrush row erupted after it emerged relatives of migrants from Commonwealth Caribbean countries had been declared illegal immigrants. They had settled in the UK from the late 1940s to the 1970s.  Declared illegal if they could not provide a range of documentation proving they had lived in the UK continuously.

Some of the immigrants threatened with deportation.  Many lost jobs and refused access to medical treatment.  This shocked the public and made headlines across the nation.

The plight of those affected provoked a storm of criticism for the government.  Prime Minister Theresa May apologised in parliament for their treatment.

In April 2016, the then Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told by Caribbean ministers about immigrants facing deportation.  This despite having lived in the UK for most of their lives.  According to the BBC a report about concerns was passed to the Home Office.  Led at the time by Mrs May.

It is not clear at what level the concerns were raised.

This is a very important meeting and exposes the Home Office mistakes.  Labour’s Yvette Cooper is excellent at not letting Ms Rudd get away with anything. A good exchange between the two. And there is still more to come.  Detention issue coming up. Ms Cooper said the Home Affairs Committee made aware a number of migrants held in detention. Answers required to explain why.


Has Amber Rudd made the right decision?  Should she have done it sooner?  Does this concern you? If it does let us know. We would like to hear from you. Don’t forget to leave views in our comment box below.

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