PM Blames Labour for Ditching Windrush Landing Cards – leaders clash head on

PMQs Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn

PM Blames Labour for Ditching Windrush Landing Cards – Theresa May made the claim during Question Time in the House of Commons.  

Prime Minister said the decision to destroy the landing cards of Windrush migrants taken under Labour.

The prime minister told MPs she was not home secretary when approved, saying it happened in 2009

Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t expecting this but he didn’t show it.  But the rest of the Chamber responded loudly. Mr Corbyn continued questioning the PM.

Mrs May said she would not take such comments from a man who had let anti-Semitism run rife through his party.

Mr Corbyn asked for absolute clarity on whether she had signed off the decision to destroy documents which could have proved Caribbean migrants’ arrival in the UK.  Theresa May told MPs the decision was taken before she took office.

May: The decision was taken in 2009. As I seem to recall, in 2009, it was a Labour home secretary who was in position

The PM also apologised unreservedly for the Windrush generation controversy. She said she was genuinely sorry about the anxiety caused by the Home Office threatening the children of Commonwealth citizens with deportation.

Is this the kind of Question Time worth watching? Do the politicians give proper answers?  Drop by our comment box with your views. We would love to hear from you.  Whether you agree with what’s been said or not.

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