Emergency Syria Debate REPLAY- called by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Emergency Syria Debate REPLAY

Emergency Syria Debate REPLAY – Jeremy Corbyn interrupted a number of times while delivering his speech. The interventions are a procedure accepted for this kind of debate

MPs constantly requesting to question what he is saying.  Speaker of the House also struggling to control some members of the House.

Jeremy Corbyn – it is the right of parliament to make the decision about action in conflict.  He is on the verge of shouting because of noise in the Chamber.

Theresa May responded to Mr Corbyn’s motion.

She is also experienced interventions during her speech and had to give way.  Mrs May defended her decision during six hours of debate on Monday.

Mrs May: Neither I nor this government take any instructions from anyone.  When we act we act in the national interest.  

She said there was evidence the Assad government was behind the chemical weapons attack in Douma and it was “legally right” to join the strikes.

The Labour leader lost a vote after the debate by 256 to 317.

Mr Corbyn had said the decision to authorise air strikes without Parliament’s approval set a precedent for possible, more dangerous action in the future.  Do you agree with this? Should there be change?

He said the debate was needed to clarify the government’s obligation to consult MPs before military intervention, which is the current convention.

Is Mr Corbyn right to do this?  Should there be a debate of this kind?  Drop by our comment box.  We would like to know your thoughts on this. Parliament belongs to the people.  Your views important to us.


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