Theresa May Faces Parliament Over Syria Attack – questioned more than three hours

PM Theresa May

Theresa May Faces Parliament Over Syria Attack – questions to the PM lasted three and a quarter hours. But debate finished just before midnight.  It was a full house and a challenge from Jeremy Corbyn. Watch replay of the whole session

Some of the points:

PM asked the House to pay tribute to all service officers who helped carry out the strikes.  We have action in our National interest.

Russia vetoed mechanisms to examine areas.  Cannot go back to a world and allow chemical weapons to be normalised.

We are not just following orders from America.  It was done in our national interest.  We have not done it because of President Trump.  We did it because it was the right thing to do.

A decision that required intelligence which could not be shared.  It is my responsibility to make these decisions and I did it. 

Protestors from outside and inside greeted the Prime Minister at the House of Commons as she prepared to deliver her statement.  PM appeared tired but ready to face a barrage of questions from MPs. It was not an easy time.

The pressure was on.  PM had to respond to all questions.  This meant exchanges lasted more than three hours.

Following a Cabinet meeting Mrs May agreed British forces would join the United States and France in attacks at 2am Saturday morning.  They targeted chemical weapons sites in Syria.  It’s understood no civilians were harmed in the bombing.

Later PM said there was no alternative but to take action.

Labour Party

But there has been an outcry from all sides of the political spectrum.  In other words politicians wanted answers.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said there was no reason why Parliament could not have been recalled or delayed decision till MPs were back in the House after the Easter break.  He also called for a War Powers Act.

There was no sign of a vote in Parliament on whether the Prime Minister was right or wrong. This was expected but it didn’t happen.  Theresa May has come out of the Chamber tired but ahead of the argument.

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