United Nations: Situation In Middle East – UK Ambassador Karen Pierce – Replay

United Nations: Situation In Middle East

United Nations: Situation In Middle East – UK Ambassador Karen Pierce speech – replay

Security Council: The situation in the Middle East – Threats to international peace and security (8233rd meeting) Emergency session requested by Russia.

A United Nations Security Council meeting in New York. United States, United Kingdom and France have delivered speeches to the special meeting.

Theresa May: Strikes not about regime changeNATO: No practical alternative to use of force

US: The United States will not allow chemical weapons agains community

Pentagon: Strikes were justified and legitimate

US President Donald Trump has hailed an overnight military strike on Syria as “perfectly executed”, adding: “Mission Accomplished”.

The US, UK and France attacked three government sites.  They targeted what they said were chemical weapons facilities.

More than 100 missiles struck in response to a suspected deadly chemical attack.  It was on the town of Douma last week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he condemned the Western strikes “in the most serious way”.

The UK Ministry of Defence said four RAF Tornado jets hit a site near Homs.  It was with eight Storm Shadow cruise missiles. An effective hit.  They are back at base.  Not expected to go out again

Both United States and Russian Federation sources had indicated there had been no civilian casualties.  This is good news.

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