How to be British – after day of sport hit the night life and mix with Brits🎊

How to be British

How to be British. This is a cheeky look at how Australians admire the Brits.

Top of the list is fish and chips. Also the bow tie. And the best mix is fish and chips and Pimms.

This is all happening on the Gold Coast where the Commonwealth Games are taking place.  When not watching events then its hitting the high life.

Sharing the British atmosphere is the thing to do when sport has ended for the day.

British techniques have to be followed – like how to wear a bow tie.  Waving the British flag adds to the fun.

Locals love the opportunity to be British.  Jokes are another source of enjoying a night of being a Brit. The British sense of humour is greatly admired.  But the Aussies are not too bad at telling jokes either!

How do you feel about the Aussie Brit thing?  Is it something to be proud of or are you embarrassed?

Are you there for the great sporting event?  Do you go out at night to mix with the Australians?  Do you enjoy their night life?

Drop us a line.  Leave your views in the comment box below.

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