Russian Spy: Daughter Discharged From Hospital – five weeks after poison attack

Russian Spy: Daughter Discharged From Hospital

Russian Spy: Daughter Discharged From Hospital.  Five weeks after a poison attack.  Is this surprising?  Officials described the poison as deadly. 

Yulia Skripal, the poisoned daughter of Russian ex-spy Sergei discharged from hospital. She is well enough to leave.  This is good news.  Hope Yulia continues in her good health.

The 33-year-old was released from Salisbury District Hospital on Monday and taken to a secure location.

The hospital said: This is not the end of her treatment but marks a significant milestone.

Her 66-year-old father remains in hospital and is recovering more slowly than Yulia.

The pair was taken to hospital on 4 March after being exposed to the toxic nerve agent Novichok.

A statement from Ms Skripal released through the Metropolitan Police last week said her strength is growing daily.

Mr Skripal remains at Salisbury District Hospital but is no longer in a critical condition.

Were you surprised to hear that Yulia has left hospital? Does this cast some doubt on what happened to her?

The UK government says Russia was behind the poisoning, and Prime Minister Theresa May said Moscow was “culpable” for attack.

But the Russian government denied any involvement and has accused the British of inventing a “fake story”.

Police said the pair first came into contact with the nerve agent at home.

Yulia’s cousin in Russia has been in touch with her by phone.  Also applied for a visa to visit Yulia in Salisbury.  But turned down.

It is an intriguing story.  Spies and poisoning always make headlines.


What is your view of the latest developments? Should there be more information released about the attack?  Let us know.  There is a comment box below where you can leave remarks.  It would be great to have your views.  What should happened to the two Russians?  Should they be given asylum in another country?  Reports suggest a request made to the US.  Will they take the father and daughter?  Would they be safer there?  A bigger country.  Will Washington agree they can go and live there?

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